Non-Motorized Transportation

What is Non-Motorized Transportation?

Orange County's non-motorized transportation system is an important part of how residents and visitors move around Orange County.  Non-motorized transportation includes both recreational and commuting options such as hiking, bicycling, kayaking, and horseback riding on regional trails, county and state parks. 

Walking and biking are important modes of transportation within Orange County’s cities, villages, and other communities. People without access to a personal vehicle depend on walking and biking to do their shopping and access daily needs, get to transit stops to help connect to regional employment opportunities, and get to school.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts

Orange County Transportation Council will be conducting manual counts on the Heritage Trail starting in 2020.  The Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts Program is part of OCTC's larger Non-Motorized Transportation effort to create a connected transportation system. Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts help OCTC staff and Orange County better understand use of the non-motorized system.  Benefits include assisting in grant program applications and future funding opportunities, estimating the impact and economic benefits on surrounding communities, and helping to identify need for future investments.

OCTC is using the methodology established by the Nation Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project.  

Graphic Icon of bicycle, pedestrian, and person on horseback