Fellow Orange County Residents,

I am writing to update you regarding Orange County’s efforts to vaccinate all our residents.

At my direction, the County’s Health and Emergency Services Departments have set up a Point of Distribution (POD) at 23 Hatfield Lane in Goshen to administer the COVID-19 vaccinations. We have successfully vaccinated approximately 4,000 residents who are in the State’s 1A and 1B category.

Orange County continues to administer 100 percent of the vaccination provided to us by the State. The County has the capacity to vaccinate thousands of residents each week but supplies from the State and Federal Governments have been limited. If you would like to register to be put on our wait list for the COVID-19 vaccine, please go to


I also encourage you to contact any provider with an available vaccine, or continue to check the NYSDOH “Am I eligible” link for current availability to ensure timely vaccine administration. My office will continue to vigorously advocate for Orange County residents, requesting that an adequate supply for those who want to be vaccinated be made available by the State.

All my best,

Steven M. Neuhaus
Orange County Executive

Vaccine Information


New York Travel Restrictions are still in place as per Governor Cuomo.

Standing Commissioner’s Order for Isolation of Lab Confirmed COVID-19

Any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 through laboratory testing is required to remain isolated at the individual’s place of residence or other location as medically necessary until such time as the individual is no longer infectious in accordance with the clearance criteria as set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and/or the New York State Department of Health which are outlined in the Order. Furthermore, any person so isolated must adhere to the Isolation Protocol. Read complete order:

New York State Guidance on School Reopenings/Quarantine

Guidance on when quarantine is required in schools (PDF)

Commissioner's Orders Regarding Schooling

Letter to School Superintendents 12/8/20 (PDF)

Repeal of the Order of the Orange County Commissioner of Health to Close Schools in Areas with High Rate of Infection

Online Clearance Letter
OC COVID19 desktop dashboard
OC COVID19 mobile dashboard