COVID-19: Important Questions About Services

March 17, 2020

Below is a summary of links and information addressing key points and questions many Orange County residents are asking:

Government Health Related Information

Unemployment Assistance

Tax Assistance

  • The President announced that taxpayers will be given a 90-day delay to pay amounts owed on 2019 income taxes of up to $1 million, personally.

Accessing Food

  • If you received meals through your school district, that service may continue. Contact your school district directly.
  • If you cannot get to a food supply location, call the Orange County Crisis hotline 24-hours a day/7-days a week at 800 832 1200. If necessary, delivery can be arranged.  
  • For seniors: Call the Orange County Office for the Aging at:  845.615.3700.  If you do not get an answer, please call the Office Director on her cell phone at:  845.344.7510.
  • Many of your favorite local restaurants are offering takeout. You can support them by taking advantage of this and, if possible, consider including a gratuity for the wait-staff.
  • Some grocery stores are offering senior shopping hours, delivery and other extra services. It is recommended to call your local store to confirm details as they are updated frequently.

Utilities Assistance

  • Orange and Rockland and Central Hudson are not disconnecting utilities due to economic hardship. It is recommended to call them to advise them that you are experiencing a hardship. 
  • Orange and Rockland:  877.434.4100
  • Central Hudson:  845.452.2700

Small Business Assistance

  • Apply for Federal Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance at:
  • Orange County Economic Development Office: For questions and assistance, Orange County Businesses may call Bill Fioravanti at 845.360.0231 or e-mail
  • Orange County Office of Employment & Training: For employment questions and assistance, individuals may call Steve Knob at 845.615.3629 or e-mail him at

Government Operations

  • Governor Cuomo has ordered all local governments to reduce in-office staffing by at least 50%.
  • Orange County Government operations are not suspended; however, some services are being provided on the phone and online only.  Call the County Department you want to reach before going to that office. Department phone numbers can be found at under the “Departments” tab.
  • DMV - By appointment only, call 845.615.3960
  • Courts – For current information, go to

Schools and Day Cares

  • Public and private schools in Orange County are currently closed, at least through March 27, 2020, with some schools anticipated to be closed much longer.
  • Daycare centers are not mandated to be closed at this time, though some have chosen to. It is strongly advised that unless you need to send your child to daycare, that you do not.  While young people appear to be least susceptible to COVID-19, they can still get it and transmit it to older people (such as grandparents).
  • For referrals or other childcare related questions, please call the Child Care Council of Orange County, Inc. at 845.294.4012.

Make a Donation/Apply for a Grant

The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan is launching the CFOS COVID-19 Response Fund to address immediate and longer-term needs of residents in Orange and Sullivan counties. This fund will issue grants to established nonprofit organizations that provide front-line services to our most vulnerable populations - food for our neediest families and essentials, such as prescription drug deliveries to homebound senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems. The impacts of the novel coronavirus are uncertain and continue to mount. The COVID-19 Response Fund will be a funding resource for those in need.

  • To apply for a grant, click here.  
    For those who are able, we hope that you will donate today to help our neighbors in need. 100% of your donation will stay here in Orange and Sullivan counties.
  • To make a donation, click here. 
    Thank you for your spirit of generosity and commitment to help others in this time of heightened need and uncertainty. We are honored to provide our generous community members with a way to help their neighbors through this health crisis.

Questions you may have in relation to the County Social Services Department in relation to the Coronavirus as of March 17, 2020