Highway & Bridge Engineering

Corwin Bridge - CR 11
DPW Paving

 The Highway and Bridge Engineering Department is responsible for:

  • Planning, design, operations, maintenance, construction, and general administration of the County's 302 miles of highways, 147 bridges, and related infrastructure
  • Replace, rehabilitate, repair, and maintain bridges and culverts
  • Manage and maintain roads, drainage systems, signage, striping, traffic signals, intersections, and guide rails
  • Direct studies and investigations, develop project cost estimates, and prepare plans, contract documents, and technical specifications for various County projects
  • Monitor and manage progress of County as well as consultant projects and coordinate with appropriate municipal officials and regulatory agencies
  • Establish criteria, standards, and specifications for work performed within County right-of-ways, review and oversee work along County roads, and enforce regulations
  • Manage snow and ice removal along the County roadways
  • Continue maintenance and upkeep of heavy equipment machinery
  • Provide technical recommendations, oversight, and administration of engineering and construction projects for all County Departments