Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Which roads are under the jurisdiction of the Orange County Department of Public Works?
A: Orange County Roads are identified by a blue shield sign with a gold route number. A list of County Roads is available here (PDF). A map of County Roads is available here (PDF). Orange County DPW also owns and maintains a number of bridges that are located along Town and Village roads.
Q: Do I need a permit?
A: A permit is required for any and all work within the County Right-of-Way and all work requiring access from a County Road Right-of-Way. Obtaining a permit prior to starting work is a requirement per Section 136 of the New York State Highway Law. Please visit our Permits and Plan Review page for permit guidelines and applications.
Q: How do I get a permit?
A: Please see our Procedure for Obtaining a Permit (PDF).
Q: What are the requirements for an engineering plan review?
A: Engineering plans are required to meet the Orange County Policy and Standards at a minimum. OC DPW will review and comment on plan sets prior to issuing a permit. Please see our Plan Review Checklist (PDF) for proposed projects along County Roads as a guide as well as our Policy and Standards (PDF).
Q: How do I get the speed limit changed along a road?
A: Please see our Speed Limit Reduction Request Procedure (PDF) for guidance. NYSDOT sets and controls the speed limit along all County roads.
Q: How do I know about upcoming and ongoing road closures?
A: Road closures that are associated with Orange County DPW projects can be found by clicking here. Our staff typically knows or can find out about closures that are not associated with Orange County DPW projects as well. If you give our office a call (845-291-2750), we can provide you with any information that we may have or contacts that you can reach out to.
Q: How do I get a sign installed?
A: Our Highway Engineering staff determines if a sign is warranted along a County Road based on the Federal and State MUTCD guidelines. A request can be made by contacting our office at 845-291-2750.
Q: How can I file a complaint or service request?
A: The safety of all individuals who use County roads is of the utmost importance to us. We meticulously investigate every complaint/concern that we receive. Any safety concern, plowing question, drainage issue, road inquiry, and/or general concern can be filed by calling our office at 845-291-2750.