Transit Sub-Committee

The Transit Sub-Committee was established in 2019 as a result of recommendations made in the Long Range Transportation Plan 2045 Transportation Policies and Strategies Chapters (2 and 5, respectively) and vision and recommendations from the Orange County Comprehensive Plan (2019) update and supplemental Transportation chapter. The Transit Sub-Committee mission is to carry out continued development of the current countywide transit system, to promote coordination of transit planning and programming activities, and to provide a forum to share information on transit-focused projects and programs taking place within the MPO.

The Sub-Committee is supported by OCTC staff and composed of interested OCTC members, Orange County Transit Planners, local Transit Orange operators, regional transit operators, rider representatives, elected officials, and organizations such as civic and advocacy groups. The committee may involve additional partner agencies based on emerging issues and opportunities. The Transit sub-committee meets outside of the regular MPO Planning and Policy Committee meeting schedules and any meetings will be added to the OCTC calendar.

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