COVID Updates

Visitation: Valley View is pleased to announce that we are able to resume visitation starting on Monday, 3/29.
Welcome back to our family & friends! Please contact the facility to arrange your visit. EACH visit will be scheduled and will take place either inside in Town Center or on one of our Outdoor patios. 

Admissions: Valley View is currently accepting admissions to all areas of our building. Please contact the Admissions office to discuss the current admission guidelines.  

*** NYSDOH has mandated all nursing homes to test employees/contractors 2 times per week ***

Miscellaneous information for family/friends of residents:

-End of Life & Compassionate care visits are allowed. If you decide to come for an end of life visit, we will supply you with the required PPE.

-Window visits are allowed. Windows must be closed. Do not use a ladder, stepstool, etc. to access resident window.

-IPHONES are available on each unit. Staff will continue to assist residents with Facetime calls. 

-Family members may now drop off items for residents. 

-Family members can resume doing resident laundry starting April 12, 2021. Please contact your loved one's unit for specific information regarding pick up/drop off procedures for laundry. 

Please call the following numbers to schedule a Facetime call or facility visit:

Couser 1 (A100, B100, C100 and D100): Activity office (845) 291-4453

Couser 2 (Echo, Forest, Grand and Homestead): Activity office (845) 291-4650

Glenmere Ground: Activity office (845) 291-4859

Glenmere 1: Activity office (845) 291-4881

Glenmere 2: Activity office (845) 291-4893