COVID Updates

Visitation: Valley View is pleased to announce that we are able to resume visitation starting on Monday, 3/29.
Welcome back to our family & friends! Please contact the facility to arrange your visit. EACH visit will be scheduled and will take place either inside in Town Center or on one of our Outdoor patios. 

Admissions: Valley View is currently accepting new admissions on an extremely limited basis. All admits must have a Negative COVID test prior to admission and be quarantined for 14 days once they are in the facility. There is a dedicated quarantine area in our Couser building, and we are currently only admitting to that area. 

*** NYSDOH has mandated all nursing homes to test employees/contractors 2 times per week ***

Miscellaneous information for family/friends of residents:

-End of Life visits are allowed, however, they are highly discouraged. If you decide to come for an end of life visit we will supply you with the required PPE.

-Window visits are allowed. Windows must be closed. Do not use a ladder, stepstool, etc. to access resident window.

-IPHONES are available on each unit. Staff will continue to assist residents with Facetime calls. 

-Family members still may not drop off items for residents. We need to reduce as much human to human contact as possible. Please utilize mail, UPS, FEDEX, etc. to have something delivered. Flower deliveries from florists are acceptable.

-Family members can no longer do resident laundry, it will be done offsite by our laundry vendor. If you have clean clothes you need to drop off, please double bag them and bring to facility. You can call Wes Burley at (845) 291-4191 if you have any questions about resident laundry.

Please call the following numbers to schedule a Facetime call or facility visit:

Couser 1 (A100, B100, C100 and D100): Activity office (845) 291-4453

Couser 2 (Echo, Forest, Grand and Homestead): Activity office (845) 291-4650

Glenmere Ground: Activity office (845) 291-4859

Glenmere 1: Activity office (845) 291-4881

Glenmere 2: Activity office (845) 291-4893