Medical Field Volunteer Opportunities

NYS Public Health Citizen Training

Become a leader of public health and preparedness in your community by taking a FREE public Health Citizen Training Program through Cornell University.  The course is will assist with better understanding the coronavirus and other public health issues facing our communities. 

To register and begin the course, please visit:
Clip describing the course:

Garnet Health Medical Center

Garnet Health Medical Center, located in Middletown NY, has launched an internal volunteer program for those interested in serving their community through their facility. "Our volunteers provide invaluable assistance to our patients, visitors, and staff throughout our facilities. Garnet Health volunteers use their special talents to contribute to the well-being of our community."

For more information, please visit their website: Volunteer at Garnet Health

Medical Reserve Corps

Youth and adults aged 16 and over are encouraged to volunteer for the Orange County Medical Reserve Corp. Detailed information on the Medical Reserve Corp can be found on the County website here

Applications can be found here: MRC Application