Waste Prevention, Reduction, Reuse & Repair

Each New Yorker landfills approximately 5 lbs. of trash per day.  Reducing the amount of waste we generate through wise consumption practices, reuse, and repair will prevent waste from going to the landfill and save County taxpayers money, generate jobs, reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, as well as preserve resources for future generations. 

The below are resources on how we can effectively reduce the amount of trash we make every day.Join the Repair Revolution LARGE.png

Prevention – As the old adage states, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of the cure.  Take a minute to prevent waste by checking out the following links:

Reuse - Find out where you can bring items in decent condition you no longer need, and buy items for reuse at Dirt Magazine's Recyclopedia, or you can find more resources at the US Environmental Protection Agency website (Reducing and Reusing Basics).

Repair- Give your broken items a new life by participating in an upcoming Hudson Valley Repair Cafe event near you.  Notifications of upcoming events are distributed monthly on the County's Recycle Coach mobile application.  Download the Recycle Coach app on Google Play or the App Store today!

Reduction – One of the best methods to reduce waste is by addressing food waste.  Americans throw out 40% of the food that they purchase. According to the US EPA American households threw away 63 million tons of food per year while 1 in 6 may be food insecure ("Feeding America"). To address this growing dilemma, the County launched the Orange County Food Security and Sustainability Initiative (OCFSS), which is a multi-stakeholder working group working to ensure that edible food is directed to people who need it and that inedible food scraps are composted. For news on these efforts, see the following announcement on the launch of OCFSS and on our Root-to-Stalk cooking demonstration at the Goshen Farmer's Market. Try the following links to help reduce food waste in your home: