Battery Recycling

In December of 2010, the New York State Rechargeable Battery Law was signed, requiring manufacturers of covered rechargeable batteries who sell in or into NYS to fund a collection program at no cost to consumers.

 The types of rechargeable batteries that are covered by the law are as follows: 


*Seal lead

*Lithium ion

*Nickel metal hydride

*Any other dry cell battery capable of being recharged or

*Battery packs containing any of the above

 These batteries can be taken to any local Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC)/Call2Recycle take-back program, which can be found by entering your Zip Code on the upper right portion of the RBRC/Call2Recycle Website 

Please note that all non-rechargeable, single use batteries must be disposed of in the trash.  These batteries are not recyclable. Also, Lead Acid Batteries for cars, tractors, and lawn mowers can be accepted at no charge at all three County transfer stations.