Collections Committee


In 2014, Resolution No. 89 was proposed by the Rules, Enactments & Intergovernmental Relations Committee, and was sponsored by Legislators J. Berkman, M. Bonacic and M. Kemnitz. The full Legislature passed No. 89, and created the “Orange County Cultural, Historic, Artifact Advisory Donation Acceptance Committee”, establishing policies regarding acceptance of donations, and a committee to oversee collections care.


The committee, made up of seven or more members with the Orange County Historian as the chair, worked on defining a scope of collections for the 1841 Courthouse. From 2014-2018, the collections were packed and moved to storage while the building was renovated and since then the task of unpacking and reorganizing the archives has been the top priority of the committee.

The committee meets several times each year to discuss organizational tasks, pending donations and collections related spending. If you would like to participate in the discussions or join the committee, please contact us.