Climate Resilience Plan

Our Changing Climate

Over the past few decades, Orange County has experienced millions of dollars of losses due to historic flood events.  The number of summertime heat advisories has increased affecting communities and outdoor activities. Climate change is projected to increase the number and severity of such events, including storm and heavy precipitation events, sea level rise, storm surge, flooding and heat events within the County.  Climate resilience planning prepares for future conditions and builds resilience into our community, allowing us to protect and adapt to the future.

Orange County Climate Resilience Plan

Orange County Planning Department (OCPD) is developing a County Resilience Plan to identify climate change risks and vulnerabilities and inform the selection of prioritized resilience-based projects.  This plan will be a county-wide approach that considers impact and damages to housing and economics, transportation and utilities, government services, agriculture, social infrastructure, and natural and cultural resources.  The plan will build upon existing documents, institutional knowledge, public participation, and new research.  

Engagement.  The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of representatives from government agencies and organizations that can provide unsurpassed insight into the County, including policies, resources, and expert knowledge.  Equally important is public participation throughout this process.  Public stakeholder opportunities will occur to gather information, share progress, and calibrate findings.

Main Project Elements Ultimately, this project will identify prioritized resilient-oriented projects and initiatives with funding and implementation strategies.  The County Resilience Plan will summarize the project effort and these recommendations and be reviewed by the legislature.

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