NYS DOH Disclosures

The rates charged by the facility for residency and services, 
detailed for each nongovernmental payer source 
(update this information annually by April 1 of each year)
Private room rate: $460/day 
Semi Private room rate: $440/day

All owners of the facility (notify DOH and update this 
information within 30 days of any change of transaction 
affecting ownership)
Orange County
The name and business address of any landlord
of the facility (update regularly)
The Valley View Center for Nursing Care & Rehabilitation
2 Glenmere Cove Rd
Goshen NY 10924
A summary of all contracts for goods and services for
which the facility pays with any portion of Medicaid or
Medicare funds, or any other agreement entered into by 
the facility, within 30 days of execution of the agreement
or contract
See document below for complete listing