Tested Positive for COVID-19

Who has to isolate?

People who are confirmed to have COVID-19 via an at home test, rapid test, or PCR, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and are getting tested or waiting for test results need to isolate regardless of their vaccination status.

As of March 1, 2022 if you test positive for COVID-19, per NYS Department of Health guidance you should:

Isolate yourself

  1. If you are asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving, isolation may end after completing 5 full days but you must wear a well fitting mask for an additional 5 days when around others 
  2. People who are moderately or severely ill or immunocompromised should isolate for a full 10 days
  3. Anyone who cannot or will not wear a mask should isolate for 10 days
  4. Due to the overwhelming number of positive cases, you will likely not receive a phone call for investigation and therefore will not receive a personalized isolation clearance letter. Orange County Department of Health will no longer generate personalized clearance letters. Standing isolation orders are provided below.
  5. For more information on how to isolate click this New York State guidance link and read page 4 starting with the section called "How to Isolate"

Ending Isolation

Testing to end isolation is not required. More information on ending isolation can be found on page 4 of this New York State guidance link starting with section titled "Ending Isolation".

For those who have been hospitalized or are immunocompromised please see page 5 of this New York State guidance for recommendations on how to end isolation. 

PLEASE NOTE: New York State has created an Affirmation of Isolation Form Found Here that you can fill out, print, and show to your employer. This form may be used for isolation release, isolation leave benefits, or for New York Paid Family Leave COVID-19 claims as if it was an individual Order for Isolation issued by the New York State Department of Health or relevant County’s Commissioner of Health or designee

The Orange County Health Commissioner has issued a standing mandatory isolation order which is applicable to all Orange County residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. CLICK HERE for the standing isolation order to provide to your employer if needed.

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