Passport Requirements & Fees

Provide with Application

  • Official birth certificate with a raised, embossed or multicolored seal with the names of BOTH parents and filing date, or previous passport, or, original Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate. Applicants under the age of 16 need a long form birth certificate and a previous passport, if one exists.
  • Official picture identification (i.e.; Driver’s License) when applying for a new passport.
  • Two identical passport pictures (we take in our office for $10)
  • The applicant’s social security number
  • A check or money order 
  • If the applicant is over 18 years but does not possess a Driver’s License, a witness must appear with the applicant. The witness must have two forms of identification. Driver's License or passport must be one form of identification. The applicant over 18 with no Driver’s License must have two forms of identification such as a library card, school identification, medical card, or social security card.