Moodna Creek Watershed

The OCWA and County Department of Planning, with the help of a consultant team, a working group of local stakeholders, and financial support from the NYS DEC's Hudson River Estuary Program, created the Moodna Creek Watershed Conservation and Management Plan, which was finalized in March 2010. The Plan was designed to address local and intermunicipal objectives and to support the OCWA's goals for source water protection, regional watershed planning, and research/monitoring of water resources. Because watersheds do not follow municipal boundaries, working in a watershed context requires communication and coordination between multiple municipalities. The Moodna Creek Watershed resides solely in Orange County and includes portions of 22 municipalities.

The planning process and the goals for this Plan itself include a strong emphasis on facilitating and developing an ongoing, coordinated intermunicipal program addressing watershed issues. As a result of the highest priority recommendation within the Plan, the Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council was born to work cooperatively to implement the recommendations of the Plan and take on other important watershed issues as they arise. The Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council meets quarterly and the public is always welcome. 

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The Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council was formed by intermunicipal agreement in 2010. The Council has both municipal and non-municipal members and is made up of designated representatives from 15 municipalities within the Watershed, the OCWA, as well as 14 non-governmental organizations and individuals. The Council and its Committees will work cooperatively to address priority issues of the Moodna Creek and its watershed. The creation of the Council was an outcome of the Moodna Creek Watershed Conservation and Management Plan. Benefits of forming the Council include increased eligibility for many grants, due to intermunicipal partnership,improved communication across municipal boundaries and more effective solutions to water resource issues due to comprehensive (watershed) approach and coordination of organizational efforts.

MEETING SCHEDULE - PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council meet quarterly typically on the last Thursday of the month in January, April, July and October at 10:30 AM. Due to the pandemic, meetings are currently being held virtually. See the upcoming meeting agenda or contact the OC Water Authority for details.

The Science and Outreach Committee Meetings will be held on the second friday of the month. Committee meetings are also being held virtually as needed. Please contact the OC Water Authority for additional information at 845-615-3868 or send an email.

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