Glenmere Lake Watershed

Glenmere Lake is a unique, impounded water body located in south-central Orange County, NY. This lake currently serves as water supply for the Village of Florida as well as certain County facilities. The lake also supports recreation. Dominant ownership of the lake and shoreline is by the County of Orange, with water resources also owned by the Village of Florida and by a local lake club. Lands along the shoreline and within the watershed are a mix of public and predominantly private ownership. The lake has also been identified as the habitat for various flora and fauna, notably the protected northern cricket frog and water milfoil (an invasive aquatic plant), that may challenge or even complement the water supply role of the Lake.

The Glenmere Lake Watershed Management Plan was developed in order to provide objective information and guidance to Glenmere Lake's managers, users and other stakeholders. The Plan provides recommendations for managing Glenmere Lake and its watershed in a manner that will:

  1. Provide a sustainable supply of high quality water;
  2. Maintain sufficient health and quantity of natural habitats to support recreational activities and wildlife, including game, rare and endangered species, and common species;
  3. Maintain the attractive aesthetic appearance of the Lake; and
  4. Support sustainable development within the watershed that does not compromise the other objectives.

The OCWA, through a competitive process, retained Milone & MacBroom, Inc. to complete an assessment of the Watershed and guide the development of the Plan in cooperation with the OC Planning Dept and an Advisory Committee consisting of municipal representatives, stakeholders, residents, and professionals. We would like to thank those individuals for their guidance and support through the process.