Trout Brook Watershed

Hudsonia biologists identified and mapped ecologically significant habitats in the Trout Brook watershed in the towns of Chester, Monroe, Tuxedo, and Warwick in spring and summer 2010. Through map analysis, aerial photograph interpretation, and field observations Hudsonia created a large-format map showing the locations and configurations of these habitats in the watershed. Some of the habitats are rare or declining in the region or support rare species of plants or animals, while others are high quality examples of common habitats or habitat complexes. The habitat map and report, which contain ecological information unavailable from other sources, can help stakeholders in the Trout Brook watershed identify the areas with the greatest ecological significance, develop conservation goals, and establish conservation policies and practices to protect biodiversity resources while serving the social, cultural, and economic needs of the human community.

In cooperation with Hudsonia, the OCWA has agreed to post the attached report and map for educational purposes. All questions or comments related to these documents should be directed to Hudsonia ltd.