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Cheesecock Patent

Cheescock Patent

Cheesecock Patent

In 1738 Charles Clinton surveyed several thousand acres that make up the Cheesecock Patent. His work is locally and commonly known as the "Marble Book". This patent contains metes and bounds of land within southern Orange County and parts of what became Rockland County. The "Marble Book" is now available to view in the County Clerks Historical documents online. You can view them here

Naturalization Index 1802-1991

This is a list of Naturalization Records we have housed here at the County Clerk's Office as well as additional resources for Naturalization Records and/or Genealogy searches.

Deeds & Mortgages

Our oldest deed & mortgage records can be found on the link below. Although Family Search is free, you will have to create an account to use their service.

County Clerk Kelly Eskew along with Legislator Tom Faggione at the Historic Plaque for Benjamin Eaton.

Eaton marker

County Clerk, Kelly Eskew with Legislator Tom Faggione at Benjamin Eatons Gravesite

Eaton grave

Revolutionary War Oaths/Pension Petitions

Use the IQS Online Records to view the handwritten Oaths of Revolutionary War Soldiers

Revolutionary War Oath of Benjamin Eaton - Bodyguard to General George Washington

Benjamin Eaton Oath

Forfeited Lands from the Revolutionary War

Transcribed by Historian Sue Gardner & Maryanne O'Dell

A special thank you to Sue Gardner, Deputy Historian for the Town of Warwick 

for digitizing and indexing the Sessions Minutes and Forfeited Lands.

Quarter Session Minutes

The Court of General Sessions was a county court established on October 17, 1683 by the first Assembly in New York. Initially the court was known as the Court of Quarter Sessions and had both civil and criminal jurisdiction. 

Orange County held it's first Quarter Session in the "13th year of his Majesties reign" on April 25th, 1727. His Majesty being King George I. Click below to view the Session Minutes from 1727-1779 as imaged by Sue Gardner, Warwick Historian

Session minutes from 1727-1779

Session Minutes

Civil War Enrollment Books by Town

Use the IQS Online Records to view the handwritten Civil War Enrollment books
Isaac Nicolls Entry
Isaac Nicoll

Census Books 1825 - 1875 - These are not viewable online at the moment but are available to view in the County Clerk's Record Room. Online viewing of these books coming soon.

Census Books 1800s

1875 & 1903 Orange County Atlas by Town

Use the IQS Online Records to view the Orange County Town Atlas from 1875 & 1903

West Point, Westtown & Unionville 1875 Map

Westpoint - Westtown - Unionville 1875 Map

Town of Highlands 1903 Map

Town of Highlands 1903 Map

Richard Jennings Murder minutes 1787-1835

Read the minutes of the 1st murder-for-hire in Orange County. A highly publicized case from the 1700's. Digitized by Susan Gardner, section of the entire document pages 243-250

Richard Jennings Minutes 1787-1835

Jennings Murder