Recorded Meetings

March Madness 2023

  • Tree Talk - Introduction to best practices and strategies municipalities can take to protect trees. Held March 15, 2023.  Watch meeting recording here.
  • Invasive Species - Learn how to identify the Spotted Lantern Fly and other invasive species and what you can do to protect your community.  Held on March 22, 2024. Watch meeting recording here.

March Madness 2022

  • Clean Energy and Your Comprehensive Plan held March 1, 2022.  Watch meeting recording here.
  • Local Initiatives Your Municipality Can Take to be Sustainable held March 10, 2022. Watch meeting recording here.
  • NYS Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act held March 21, 2022.  Watch meeting recording here.
  • Reducing Community Waste was held March 30, 2022.  Watch meeting recording here.
  • Community Preservation Act: Protect Open Space, Farms & Water was held March 31, 2022.  Watch Recording here.
  • Battery Energy Storage for First Responders was held April 4, 2022.  Watch meeting here.

Climate Solutions Week 2022

  • Municipal Food Scrap Collection Programs was held September 22, 2022. Learn about Westchester County’s efforts to divert food scraps from the solid waste stream and promote local composting efforts. Hear about the County’s structure, its Residential Food Scrap Transportation and Disposal Program, the Village of Scarsdale’s successful food scrap drop off and curbside collection program, and the County’s Compost and Education Facility (CompostED).  Meeting 

Municipal Food Scrap Recycling 

Food Scrap Recycling in the Private Sector

Warwick Food Scraps Program

Westchester County Food Waste

  • The Future of Waste:  Recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility was held September 28, 2022.  Numerous states are addressing how consumer product producers can take responsibility for the environmental, health, economic, and social impacts of their products. Meeting

PSI Niagara County Slides

Agrivoltaics: Maximizing Land Use with Solar and Agriculture was held September 29, 2022.  An informative webinar with speakers from Scenic Hudson, American Farm Trust, and Lightstar Renewables discussing the emerging field of agrivoltaics.  Meeting

Agrivoltaics Maximizing Land Use

Municipal Leaders on Agrivoltaics

Scenic Hudson Presentation

Conservation Advisory Commission (CAC) Roundtable 2022

  • CAC Roundtable was held on November 30, 2022.  Conservation Advisory Commissions (CACs) educate the public, create inventories of important natural resources, assist planning boards with reviews of proposed development projects, contribute to the development of local conservation plans and policies, and can research topics of local interest such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water protection, open space, and or tree preservation/management to name just a few.   Watch meeting here