Cannabis Information

  • Currently there are only seven dispensaries (excluding medical cannabis) in NYS, zero in the Hudson Valley, where an adult 21-years or older can legally buy cannabis.
  • Cannabis Law has provisions regarding packaging and labeling standards and  safe storage, but  there is little to no education or enforcement.
  • Unregulated cannabis products are being sold locally in gas stations, convenience stores, and  smoke/vape shops as well as online.
  • These products are deceptively labeled to resemble candy and  food products to attract children. This is so prevalent across NYS that  enforcement efforts are making little headway.

Talk To Your Children

  • A serving size for a cannabis edible will  affect users differently, based on the potency of the product and the user's age, size, metabolism, and  tolerance.
  • Cannabis edibles can take as long as two hours to fully  take effect, making it easy to overconsume.
  • Small serving sizes also make it easy to overconsume. For instance, a Cannabis infused chocolate bar can be 12 or more servings.
  • Even one cannabis gummy is too much for a child and  can result in a medical emergency.
  • A majority of overdose cases involve children under the age of 5.
  • Talk to your children about this and  reinforce that they should never eat anything that  isn’t given to them by  an  adult that  they trust.