Hudson Valley RIAC Mission

"The Regional Immigration Assistance Center, offers free expert legal advice on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and family court matters. We advise on the current status of your client, all consequences of their criminal history, present charge(s), and plea offers, including eligibility for defenses to removal and other immigration benefits, such as lawful permanent residency or naturalization. We also offer recommendations on how any such consequence can be avoided or mitigated. Our advice will enable attorneys to fully and accurately advise non-citizen clients and to possibly negotiate an “immigration safe” plea disposition. Additionally, our advice will document full compliance with the obligation to provide accurate immigration advice  under Padilla v. Kentucky. Please note that the immigration consequences are most often much more important to a non-citizen than any criminal sanction. Immigration consequences are very much dependent on a client’s particular background and charge(s). Thus, each case is different and expert advice, tailored specifically to each client, should be sought on each non-citizen case.

Our process is easy. Simply complete the attached intake form as much as possible and return to my office along with a copy of the accusatory and rap sheet. Upon receipt, we will analyze the matter and issue a full written advisal. This usually takes approximately 1-2 weeks, dependent on how quickly you need it and our case load at the time. I strongly suggest submitting the intake form as early as possible in any given matter so that we have time to work on it and the attorney has time to work with our advice. I would also suggest that attorneys carry a copy of the intake form with them so that when assigned, they can interview the client and gather the relevant information right away.

Lastly, we are always available by telephone for questions and advice in the event a client is offered a plea disposition while in court, including night court." 

Robert Horne, Esq. Managing Attorney for Hudson Valley RIAC