Orange County's Electronic Voucher Entry Program


Introducing Orange County's Electronic Voucher Entry system "EVE" for Panel Attorney Billing.  EVE is an innovative solution designed to expedite and simplify the 18-b billing process while ensuring compliance with state regulations.  This cutting edge system leverages technology to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, revolutionizing the way panel attorneys handle billing transactions.

Traditionally, panel attorney billing has relied on manual paper-based processes that are time-consuming, error-prone, and prone to delays.  With the advent of EVE, these challenges are effectively addressed, offering a modern approach to streamline payments.

One key advantage of EVE is its ability to expedite payment processing.  Panel attorney's electronic vouchers are automatically sent to the Court for approval and then automatically forwarded to the OAC for final approval, thereby accelerating the payment process.  

Furthermore, EVE ensures compliance with state regulations, which is of paramount importance to the OAC. EVE was specifically designed to incorporate the necessary Indigent Legal Services data requirements mandated by New York State. This includes all regulatory obligations required by New York State through the Indigent Legal Services report know as the "ILS 195".

By automating compliance within EVE, panel attorneys can rest assured that their billing practices are accurate and align with state regulations.  This not only mitigates the risk of non-compliance but also reduces the administrative burden associated with manual compliance, audits, and inadvertent errors.

EVE also provides an added layer of transparency and accountability.  Both attorneys and courts can assess their cases where they can view the history of  invoices, payments, and outstanding balances.  This visibility promotes trust and fosters open communication.

The launch of EVE will revolutionize the payment process by harnessing the power of technology, expediting payments, ensuring compliance with state regulations, enhancing transparency, and simplifying the overall billing experience for panel attorneys.