Expert Services Project

The Experts Services Project is a valuable resource designed to support the provision of effective legal representation to individuals who cannot afford private attorneys.  This project ensures panel attorneys receive the necessary expertise and specialized knowledge by providing access to expert witnesses, consultants, and other professionals who can assist in building a strong defense.  

In many legal cases, especially those involving complex matters such as forensic evidence, mental health evaluations, or technical experience, the assistance of experts is crucial for a fair and just trial.  When a panel attorney identifies the need to specialized knowledge and professional assistance, they can request support from the program.  

The OAC will work with panel attorneys to match an appropriate expert who possesses the necessary expertise related to the specific case.  The Expert Services Project operates with a focus on providing panel attorneys the necessary and best available resources to zealously advocate for their clients.   

By providing access to experts, the project helps level the playing field for individuals who might otherwise face significant disadvantages in the legal system.  It helps address the potential information imbalance between the prosecution and the defense, promoting a more equitable process.  The availability of experts can lead to a better-informed decisions, increased accuracy and a more just outcome.   

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