Investigators Project

The Investigator Project is a critical component of case enhancement for panel attorneys.  This program recognizes the importance of conducting comprehensive investigations to gather evidence, uncover facts, and build a strong defense strategy.  By connecting panel attorneys with skilled investigators, the project contributes to the gathering of critical evidence, the identification of key witnesses, and the development of a strong defense strategy

The OAC maintains a pool of qualified investigators who are experienced in conducting investigations in various areas, such as witness interviews, evidence collection, crime scene analysis, background checks, and other critical investigative tasks. These investigators are selected based on their expertise, knowledge of legal procedures, and adherence to ethical standards.  

When panel attorneys identify the need for investigative support, they can request assistance from the OAC.  Investigators are then assigned to work collaboratively with the attorney to gather information, locate witnesses, analyze evidence, and provide invaluable insights that contribute to the preparation of a strong defense.

Request for Investigator Services (PDF)

Request for Investigator Payment (PDF)