Interpreter Services

The OAC recognizes the need for interpreter services for panel attorneys.  The Interpreter Services Program is a crucial initiative aimed at ensuring effective communication and equal access to justice for clients who require interpretation services. This program recognizes the importance of overcoming language barriers within the legal system and provides professional interpreters utilizing local live interpreters and Language Link to assist panel attorneys.

Our local live interpreters and Language Link provide our panel attorneys access to qualified interpreters who possess language proficiency, specialized legal knowledge, and an understanding of courtroom procedures. These interpreters are skilled in facilitating communication between individuals with limited English proficiency and the legal professionals involved, including panel attorneys, judges, prosecutors, and court personnel.

When panel attorneys identify the need for interpretation services, they can request assistance through the OAC.  The OAC will work with our local interpreters and/or Language Link to promptly assign an appropriate interpreter with the necessary language skills and legal expertise to facilitate communication between the panel attorney and their client or any other parties involved in the legal proceedings.

By providing professional interpretation services, our program ensures that individuals who require language support can fully understand the legal processes, communicate their rights, and participate effectively in their defense. This helps eliminate misunderstandings, enhances the accuracy of legal discussions, and promotes fair and equitable treatment for all parties involved.