Rental Project Selection Criteria


Orange County Development (OCD) will consider the following criteria in selecting builders and projects. OCD reserves the right to consider criteria other than the following and to assign to each of the following and to such other criteria as are considered such weight as OCD may in its absolute discretion determine (all criteria used by the OCD is being collectively referred to herein as the "Project Selection Criteria").

The following are listed in relative order of importance.

  1. The experience of the builder and the development team with projects of a similar size, scale and complexity.
  2. The extent of site control by the builder.
  3. The extent to which the builder has firm commitments for all project financing.
  4. The extent to which the builder has all necessary approvals and permits for the construction of the project.
  5. The proposed development schedule and evidence that such schedule can be met.
  6. The number of units to be assisted in the project.
  7. The per unit Program funding requested.
  8. The per unit project costs proposed.
  9. The financial feasibility of the project.
  10. Whether, and the extent to which, real property tax exemptions or abatements have been granted to the project.
  11. The quality of the development program and design of the project, including, if applicable, the extent in which rehabilitation of pre-1978 buildings addresses lead paint hazard reduction.
  12. The builder's record in business dealings with the United States, State of New York and municipalities thereof.
  13. The extent to which the project addresses the priorities of need set forth in the County's Housing and Community Development Plan (HCDP).
  14. The extent of community support for the project.
  15. The extent to which the project proposes to maintain affordability beyond the minimum HOME affordability period.