Court Records

The public can view any legal / court documents, other than matrimonial or sealed records. Matrimonial records are listed on record room’s computer screens but not accessible to the general public. Matrimonial documents can only be viewed by the parties to the action and the attorney’s of record.

Please observe the following guidelines when ordering documents for copying:

  • Give the index number
  • Give the type of record sought
  • Give a filing date
  • Give the name of parties or a business name

Family Court

For Family Court Records, please contact Family Court at 845-476-3520. 

Divorce Records

Divorce records are obtainable by the plaintiff, defendant or their attorneys of record (identification required) from the Court Papers section of the County Clerk’s Office. It could take a minimum of five days to obtain a certified copy of divorce files. You may review / obtain a divorce file that you are not a party to by presenting a notarized statement (specifically stating the documents needing to be reviewed, obtained or certified) from one of the litigants or with a court order. Identification of the person granted permission using notarized statement must be presented at time of request.

Download the Request for Certified Copy of Divorce Judgment (PDF).

New York State Unified Court System - Uniform Uncontested Divorce Packet (PDF)  
New York State Unified Court System - Uniform Uncontested Divorce Packet Forms (PDF)

Uncontested Divorce Actions

Information and forms regarding Uncontested Divorce Actions may be obtained through the Divorce Packet Instructions (PDF) or by calling the Supreme Court at 845-476-3430.

Criminal Records

Download the Request for Criminal Records (PDF).

Payments into Court

The County Clerk’s office processes payments into court on the following**:

  • Mechanics Liens (plus interest)
  • Surplus money
  • Brokers Affidavits
  • Court Orders 

**Certified/bank check or money order made out to the Orange County Clerk is required. Along with an addition clerk processing fee

  • $8 for Mechanics Liens, Surplus money, and Court order (covers certified copy and processing fee)
  • $25 for Brokers Affidavit 

Additional Information for Court Papers/Files

Please click here for additional information regarding the Court Papers/Files office.