Appellate and Trial Support


The NYS Indigent Legal Services’ Statewide Support Center, "SASC," offers a wealth of information for appellate and trial attorneys in criminal and family court matters.  The SASC can provide panel members with templates for appeals on common issues, brainstorm issues on an appeal, help organize a brief and put together a panel for a moot court style argument.  

They can also provide guidance on post-conviction issues including filing a notice of appeal, assisting a client with seeking appellant counsel as well as advice on CPL 440.10, 440.20 and CPL 440.47 (Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act or DVSJA) motions.  

In addition, in trial matters they can provide advice on pleadings, responses and motions in both family and criminal court cases as well as advise on collaborations with social workers, investigators and experts in those cases.

The SASC can be contacted by email at this address:  or by filling out this intake form SASC Intake Form.

Additional information about the SASC can be found on their website NYS ILS Statewide Support Center Website 

and in this flyer ILS Statewide Support Center Brochure.


The NYS Defenders Association (NYSDA) operates the Public Defense Backup Center that has a wide range of resources for both family court and criminal panel attorneys in assigned counsel cases. Written criminal defense resources can be found here NYSDA Criminal Defense Resources page and written family court defense resources can be found here NYSDA Family Defense Resources page.  

The NYSDA also operates Direct Defender Services through the Backup Center where panel members can consult with NYSDA legal staff on assigned cases with regard to various defense oriented questions ranging from pre-trial motions to sentencing. These services can be accessed by calling the NYSDA's main number at (518)-465-3524, pressing the number 0 and leaving a message with your name, contact information, and a brief description of your question or concern. A legal staff member from the NYSDA will then return your call. 

Their main website can be found here: NYSDA Homepage and a helpful flyer on the services NYSDA provides can be found here: NYSDA Brochure.


Below is a link to the revised Appellate Standards and Best Practices from the NYS Office of Indigent Legal Services (ILS). Please take an opportunity to read and review this important guide which has helpful updates and practical suggestions to represent both Family and Criminal court clients in appellate matters. 

ILS Appellate Standards & Best Practices 2023