About Us

The Orange County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation is responsible for the following operations; park planning, park development and maintenance, golf course maintenance and operations, conservation initiatives, museum operations, recreation programs and special events. The Parks Department manages and maintains over 3400 acres of parkland throughout the county with annual visitation figures estimated at over 700,000.

The facilities in the County Park System include; two golf courses, arboretum, group and family picnic sites, camping sites, multi-purpose trails, over 19 miles of linear trails, multi-purpose sports fields, playgrounds, equestrian area, observation tower, tennis courts, ponds, waterfront areas, open space, skating rink, cross county ski trails and more.

The Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department of Orange County is dedicated to serving the community with quality active and passive recreation opportunities for all ages to enjoy.The Orange County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation is a leader in the enhancement of the quality of life in Orange County through the following efforts:

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  • Preserving open space and historic resources
  • Providing accessible leisure opportunities for all residents
  • Coordinating with all public and private sectors to provide recreation opportunities
  • Facilitating the efforts of other public leisure providers in accomplishing their respective missions
  • Advocating for the resources necessary to develop and maintain a full range of leisure opportunities in Orange County