Reports & Assessments

Reports & Assessments

Dedicated to Transparency and Informing the Public

In our continuous effort to prioritize the health and well-being of our Orange County community, we are committed to providing you with detailed, up-to-date, and accurate reports and assessments. These documents reflect the current health landscape, challenges, and ongoing efforts in our county.

Explore Our Library:

  • Annual Reports: A yearly review encapsulating health metrics, department activities, and emerging health issues in Orange County.
  • Community Health Assessments: Comprehensive examinations of various health indicators, designed to inform policy and decision-making.
  • Community Health Improvement Plans: Strategic documents outlining our goals and action steps for enhancing community health.
  • Mid-Hudson Regional Community Health Assessment: A broader look at health metrics and challenges in the Mid-Hudson region, including Orange County.
  • Maternal Infant Community Health Collaborative: Reports focused on maternal and infant health, featuring partnerships with local organizations to improve outcomes.
  • Reports by Topic/Population: Focused analyses on specific health topics or demographic groups within Orange County.
  • Surveys: Public and targeted surveys that help us understand specific health concerns, perceptions, and needs within the community.

Key Features:

  • Search Functionality: Quickly find the specific report or assessment you're looking for with our user-friendly search accordion.
  • Downloadable Content: Access and download reports in various formats for offline use or further analysis.