The Healthy Hour Podcast


Welcome to "The Healthy Hour Podcast," hosted by the Orange County Department of Health. Join DQ and Andrew, our engaging hosts from the Department of Health, as they dive into a range of compelling health topics. This page serves as your go-to hub for all episodes, conveniently bringing the latest discussions right to your fingertips. Each episode, available on YouTube, explores different aspects of health and wellness, delivering valuable insights and information. 

Stay tuned for new episodes and discover a world of health knowledge with us.

Confronting Bullying

Episode 4: Confronting Bullying

  1. Understanding Bullying: Michael McElduff explains the root causes of bullying in today's society, highlighting factors like social media, peer pressure, and societal norms.
  2. Strategies to Prevent Bullying: Dive into effective approaches that schools and communities can implement, including peer mentoring and awareness campaigns, to combat bullying.
  3. Role of Individuals: Learn about the vital role individuals can play in standing up against bullying, including recognizing signs, safe intervention, and support for victims.
  4. Resources for Help: Michael provides a list of helpful resources, including helplines and community centers, for those experiencing bullying.
  5. Cultivating Empathy: The discussion culminates with insights on fostering a culture of empathy and understanding to discourage bullying behaviors.

Summer Health Special

Episode 3: Summer Health Special

  1. Summer Safety Tips: DQ and Andrew offer essential advice for a safe and fun summer, covering topics like heat-related illnesses, hydration, and sunscreen.
  2. Water Safety Guidance: Learn important tips for staying safe in pools, lakes, and oceans, including the role of lifeguards and water watchers.
  3. Mosquitoes and Tick Prevention: Discover effective strategies for preventing bites and understanding tick-borne diseases, with advice on when to seek medical help.
  4. Comprehensive Summer Guide: A complete guide to enjoying summer activities safely, with additional resources from the CDC. 

Discussing Black Maternal Health

Episode 2: Discussing Black Maternal Health

  1. Introduction and Mission: A revisit of the podcast's mission and an invitation to subscribe for insightful discussions.
  2. Guest Chloe Vital: Chloe Vital shares her inspiring company, MidHudson Chocolate Milk, and its impact on community health along with discussing the new Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding, and Lactation Friendly New York (BFF-NY) initiative.
  3. Guest Dr. Beazer: Dr. Beazer, an OBGYN from the University of Rochester, discusses maternal health challenges and solutions in Orange County, with a focus on Black Maternal Health.
  4. Insights and Strategies: The episode provides valuable insights into addressing health disparities, emphasizing the need for equitable care.

Health 101

Episode 1: Health 101

  1. Introducing the Podcast: Hosts DQ and Andrew launch the podcast with a focus on health and wellness, outlining their vision and goals.
  2. Special Guest – Dr. Pointer: Get to know Dr. Pointer, the Commissioner of Health for Orange County, as she shares her journey and ambitions for improving health in the county.
  3. Exploring Health Departments: Learn about the roles of different divisions within the Department of Health.
  4. Upcoming Topics: Stay tuned for future episodes on vital health issues such as Black Maternal Health, Mental Health, and Men's Health.