Uniform Commercial Code

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings are Financing Statements that are also known as chattel mortgages (liens on personal property). New York State revised its laws pertaining to UCC filings and became effective July 1, 2001. The major change in the law is the mandatory use of the National Standard Forms, which are available online through the Department of State.

The forms are not obtainable at the County Clerk’s office. These forms include Financing Statement (UCC1 and UCC1ad) and Financing Statement Amendment (UCC3 and UCC3ad). "Amendment" forms are used for amendments, releases, assignments, terminations, and continuations - only one action per form is acceptable. Only those financing statements that are realty related, including continuations, will be accepted for filing in the County Clerk’s office where the real estate is located. The only exception is terminations. All non-realty related financing statements must be filed with the Department of State. All filers will have until July 1, 2002 to renew with the Department of State any previously filed non-realty related financing statement.

Realty related financing statement (UCC1) must be accompanied with an addendum (UCC1ad). 

Filing Fees

  • $40 Filing Fee (all UCC statements and Federal Tax Liens)
  • $25 Search
  • $ 5 Copy Fee
  • $10 Certified Copy Fee