Dashboard Portal

Orange County Department of Health Dashboards

Welcome to the Orange County Department of Health's Dashboard Portal. Here, you can access a range of data and insights related to public health in Orange County. Click on the links below to explore each dashboard:

Mid-Hudson Regional Community Health Survey Dashboard (MHRCH)

About the Mid-Hudson Regional Community Health Survey Dashboard (MHRCH): This dashboard is part of the Regional Community Health Assessment process. It provides insights into the health trends and initiatives in the Mid-Hudson Region. 

The survey data collected informs future health improvement efforts in the region and helps to understand important data trends over time. The surveys were conducted in collaboration with local hospitals and were administered by the Siena College Research Institute. More details...

Health Equity Dashboard

About the Health Equity Dashboard: This dashboard focuses on health equity, emphasizing the differences in health outcomes rooted in broader social and economic inequities. It presents key data documenting racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes in Orange County. 

The dashboard is designed to encourage community engagement and action by providing insights into the social determinants of health and their impact on various communities. More details...