Aircraft Parking

Aircraft tie-down parking 

The transient tie-down parking is located directly off of taxiway Charlie, right next to our fuel farm. This is where our FBO will be happy to help you with your fuel and ground transportation needs.  Based aircraft parking is located on the eastern tie-down ramp adjacent to runway 26. Customers are assigned a spot and must sign a month-to-month license agreement.  There is a waiting list, so if you are interested please visit the documents and forms page to fill our a form to be added to the waiting list.  Our fee schedule is listed below and is charge by type of aircraft and spaces used (on the transient ramp).

Rate Aircraft type
$7.50 (per night)
Single Engine 
$15.00 (per night)Multi-Engine 
$20.00 (per night)Jet
$100 (month-to-month agreement)Single Engine 
$120 (month-to-month agreement)Multi-Engine 

Vehicle Rental 

Vehicle rentals are available by reservation.  Please contact Enterprise  at (845) 648-2119to set up your car rental.

Vehicle Parking

Is available straight through the fields main gate, in front of Administration, terminal and our FBO. 

Other Transportation

Transportation such as Uber, Lyft and local taxis and limousine services are also available. Please contact Airport operations at      (845) 457-4944 for any questions.

Transient Ramp


Tie-down Ramp A

Tie-down A