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The Orange County Department of Planning is engaged in issues of land use planning, transportation, public transit, education, trends research, resource management, agriculture, open space, grants and economic issues that affect the County.

The Department staffs the Orange County Transportation Council (OCTC) - serving as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for this region.

The Department also provides staff support to the Orange County Water Authority (OCWA), the County Planning Board, the County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board, and the County Municipal Planning Federation.

As an Affiliate of the New York State Data Center, the Department also researches and distributes demographic and economic data, including the dissemination of U.S. Census information.


As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Orange County Planning Department is carefully reviewing the departments’ operation and making continuity of operations plans so that we can continue to provide critical and essential services while ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees.   The following is an update with respect to certain functions and projects of the Department.

New York State General Municipal Law 239 Reviews.
The Department will continue to process NYS GML 239 reviews that are referred to the Orange County Planning Department.   We are in the process of identifying employees who have the capability to work remotely from home and are coordinating with the County’s IT to get this in place.  Municipalities can assist us in this effort by providing a digital copy of your referrals to our Department, including a digital copy of the Plan sets and supporting reports.  Most licensed design professionals (i.e., engineers, land surveyors or architects) have the capability to provide these documents to you in a PDF format.  Please continue to send hard copies of all Plan sets to our office for review.

Transit Orange
Given the current situation, we recommend contacting your local bus operator for the most up to date service information for your specific area.

While there is potential for a delay in the processing of ADA paratransit applications, in an effort to avoid this we will be accepting emailed applications at  

The Orange County Transportation Council (OCTC) staff continues to carry out planning and programming activities.  Staff will continue to work with our local, state, and Federal partners as necessary and feasible during this time.  Should our situation change we will update this notice and email members.  Should you need to contact us, please email us at  

Census 2020
Orange County continues to support our residents in taking the Census!  Please respond to the Census online if you have the ability to do so, by visiting and following the instructions to respond online, by phone, or by mail.  If you have questions about taking the Census, please contact the Census Bureau at (844) 330-2020 or other number for additional languages, found here: If you have other questions about existing Census data or outreach efforts in your area, please feel free to email the County’s Census and demographic data analyst, Megan Tennermann, at  

NYS Census 2020 Outreach Grant

The County submitted its Census Outreach grant application to New York State on 3/2/2020.  Awards were anticipated on or about 3/10/2020; however, they have not been received.  With the Novel Coronavirus, the Outreach work that was planned is not feasible at this time.  We are awaiting guidance from the State, and we will contact our not-for-profit partners when we hear news.


The Grants Unit will continue to work with County Departments to develop competitive grant applications, identify new grant opportunities, provide post-award grant oversight, and supply technical assistance and guidance to departments.  County Departments can assist us by providing a Concept Approval Form and communicating early their intent to apply for new funding.  The Unit does not distribute grant funding.  We will also be monitoring funding opportunities that may arise in response to Covid-19.

For more information and frequently asked questions and answers, please visit FAQ

Agricultural District Review

Orange County will be undertaking its 8-year review of agricultural districts in the County. See for more information, noting that the April 15 deadline for district modifications may (or may not) be extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HeatSmart Orange County

Improved energy efficiency is within reach, Orange County! Using oil, propane, or electric resistance to heat and cool your home or business? There are better, more efficient options - clean heating and cooling technologies, like heat pumps, are making it possible for homes and businesses to stay comfortable year-round, save energy, and reduce their carbon footprint.


HeatSmart Orange is a state-supported community campaign that makes it easier for you to increase your home or business’ energy efficiency and lower your energy bills by weatherizing and installing clean heating and cooling technologies. These technologies include air-source heat pumps and geothermal, which transfer heat in and out of buildings to provide heating and cooling in one system. They’re not unlike air conditioners that can run in reverse and provide you heat from the air or ground—even when it’s below zero outside!

HeatSmart Orange is made possible by a partnership of Orange County, Energize NY and the New York State Research and Development Authority.

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