Agricultural Districts

The Orange County Agricultural Districts contain agricultural land that has been recognized by the County and the New York State (NYS) Department of Agriculture and Markets as containing viable farmland that has been designated for protection from non-agricultural uses. According to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, designation of a parcel within a County Agricultural District provides benefits such as “protections against overly restrictive local laws, government funded acquisition or construction projects, and private nuisance suits involving agricultural practices.”

Districts 1 & 2

Orange County Agricultural Districts 1 and 2 were created in November 1972 to encourage agricultural activities to continue on agriculturally viable land. In 2020, these two districts were consolidated into Consolidated Orange County Agricultural District 1.  The agricultural district is updated annually, with applications for enrollment due the end of every March. There is also an eight year review period, when all parcels located within a County Agricultural District are reviewed to determine if they should remain in the district or be added to the district.