Annual Enrollment

Orange County has an annual enrollment period for viable farmland to be put into Consolidated Orange County Agricultural District 1. During the month of March, landowners can apply to have their viable farmland enrolled into the County Agricultural District by filling out the Orange County Agricultural District Annual Enrollment Form (PDF) and submitting it to the Orange County Planning Department. These applications will be reviewed by the Orange County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board (AFPB) at its April meeting and a recommendation will be made to the County Legislature for each property.

The Orange County Legislature then reviews the AFPB’s recommendations at a public hearing and either adopts or rejects the inclusion of the land proposed for the County Agricultural District. A letter regarding the farmland adopted for inclusion by the County Legislature is then sent to the Commissioner of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets for certification. Once certified, the properties immediately become part of Consolidated Orange County Agricultural District 1.