Eight Year Review

Eight Year Review

Update on 2020 Eight Year Ag District Review

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is interrupting government services and inhibiting County residents from traveling to their municipal offices, the deadline for amendment to the County’s two agricultural districts will be extended from the original April 15 date. The new deadline for proposed amendments is June 30, 2020.  The public hearing for the Eight Year Agricultural District Review is tentatively scheduled for September 3, 2020.

Every eight years, Orange County Agricultural Districts 1 and 2 are reviewed to determine if any parcels should be removed from the Districts. Properties may only be removed from the Agricultural Districts during the eight year review. 

2020 Review Background

In 2020, this review is running concurrently with the 2020 Annual Agricultural District Review, which allows property owners to apply for inclusion into an Agricultural District for their properties during the month of March. During the eight year review, the Orange County Legislature, the Orange County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board (AFPB), the Orange County Division of Real Property and the Orange County Planning Department will work in conjunction with the municipalities that contain properties within one or both of the County Agricultural Districts to determine which properties no longer meet the requirements for inclusion in the District and/or will not be beneficial to the agricultural community to be included. These municipalities are listed below with links to their most recent Agricultural District maps. During the 2020 Agricultural District Review, the County is also proposing to consolidate the districts into one single district.

Agricultural District Maps

Below are the current maps of the Agricultural Districts, by municipality.

Public Comments

Currently, all members of the public are able to provide comments regarding whether specific parcels should be added or removed. Any municipality that includes agricultural districts can also propose district modifications. Proposed modification must be submitted to the Orange County Planning Department and proposed additions must use the below form. Paper copies are on file at the Planning Department Office at 124 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924. 

The County is now seeking information from agricultural land owners about any of their properties within the County Agricultural Districts, using this form.  Later in the public comment period, the AFPB will review the properties proposed for addition or removal and send its recommendations to the Orange County Legislature. The Orange County Legislature will then review the AFPB’s recommendations at a public hearing and adopt the proposed changes. Then, it sends its findings to the Commissioner of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets for certification. Once certified, the properties are immediately added or removed from either County Agricultural District 1 or 2. 


If you have any questions, call Jennifer MacLeod at the Orange County Planning Department at 845-615-3840.