Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan

Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability PlanThe Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan sets out a vision for sustainable development that builds on our Region’s unique social, cultural, and natural history, with the goal of promoting economic development, environmental sustainability, and enhancing quality of life for the more than two million residents that call our Region home. By engaging hundreds of stakeholders from each of our Region’s seven counties in the development of the Plan, a series of objectives has been established that reflects our Region’s diverse landscapes, demographics, economy, culture, and history. These objectives and the corresponding strategies provide a common vision for our Region’s sustainable development, as well as a series of priority initiatives to help achieve the vision. While the Plan provides a common framework, each resident, municipality, and organization has the freedom and the responsibility to chart their own course toward achieving the Plan’s objectives, either individually or collectively.

The Plan’s working group members continue to meet usually six or more times a year to discuss regional issues, organize multiple conferences, advocate for the goals of the original plan, and make updates as needed.  State funding incentivized the development of these plans in ten Regional Economic Development Councils throughout New York State.  Our Hudson Valley Coalition is the only group in New York State continuing this effort to work together on sustainable issues.