Municipal Referrals

New York State General Municipal Law (GML) requires that certain municipal planning, zoning and subdivision actions be referred for County Planning agency review before local action can occur. This requirement (Article 12-b; §239 l, m, n) seeks to promote coordination of land use decision-making and to enhance consideration of potential inter-community and county-wide impacts. Additional information on the GML 239 Referral process can be found within the Municipal Guidebook (PDF)

The Referral and Report of Final Action forms on this page have been updated;  please use the new forms going forward. These forms are mandatory for submittal of a GML 239 referral to this office; missing forms will cause your submittal to be rejected as an incomplete statement.  

County Planning is moving to an easier process for electronic project referral.  Please send all materials for your project - cover sheet, application, SEQR forms, site plans, and any other materials necessary for your project, up to a file size limit of 20MB - to Land Use Projects. This will allow County Planning to streamline the review process. Projects with large plan sets or file attachments over 20MB will still need to be hand-delivered or mailed to our office at 124 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924. Any questions about this procedure can be directed to Megan Tennermann, AICP, Land Use Team Lead.