Career Center Calendars

What We Offer

Orange Works provides a comfortable, professional environment in which you can accomplish whatever steps are needed to put you on the top of the list of prospective employers for future job openings. We will assist and support you as you:

  • Look for job openings
  • Contact prospective employers
  • Discover a feeling of mutual support from your peers

What You Need for a Successful Job Search

  • An assessment of your skills – what you are good at, and where you need improvement
  • Effective ways to communicate you skills to a prospective employer
  • An effective resume and job application that will win you an interview
  • Strong reading, writing and communication skills, and a resource for improving them
  • Career Specialists and Labor Service Representatives who are qualified, friendly, and prepared to help you every step of the way

Resource Room

The Orange Works’ Resource Room provides:

  • Internet Access for current local, statewide and national job openings, civil service exam listings, and labor market information
  • Resource Library containing:
    • Classified ads from regional newspapers
    • Job search tips
    • Career Development Tools
    • Labor Market Information
    • National and Local Business Directories
  • Personal Computers for resume and letter writing
  • Fax Machine and Laser Copier


Retraining is offered through the Orange County Workforce Development Board (WDB), for qualified individuals. Training avenues include One-on-One or Group Sessions, On-The-Job Training (OJT), and tuition assistance for vocational training via WDB certified vendors.