Fire Investigators

Deputy Coordinator Bruce Guttenplan, 36-6

Fire Investigator 36-108

Mission Statement

Function and purpose is to assist in determining the cause and origin of fires as requested by the authorized officials or officers of local fire departments or other officials as may be authorized to request same under applicable laws, rules, regulations, plans and agreements.

About the Unit

The Orange County Fire Investigation Unit is an all volunteer agency made up of personnel from the fire service and law enforcement agencies and supervised by a Deputy Fire Coordinator. The unit was formed in 1981 pursuant to New York State General Municipal Law for the purpose of assisting local Fire Chiefs in determining cause and origin of fires. 

Upon determination that a fire is incendiary, the Fire Chief, upon recommendation of the Fire Investigator, will turn the investigation over to a law enforcement agency. At that point the Fire Investigation Unit will continue to assist the law enforcement agency in the scene investigation if requested. Fire Investigators must receive specialized training and be certified in fire investigation by the State of New York.


  • 36-100 Fire Investigation Van
  • 36-101 Ralph Parenti
  • 36-102 VACANT
  • 36-103 Brian Heuler
  • 36-104 Steven Giacco
  • 36-105 Dominick Prozzillo
  • 36-106 VACANT
  • 36-107 John Orr
  • 36-108 Michael Jergensen
  • 36-109 Jeffery Hunt
  • 36-110 Steven Calamari
  • 36-111 Tom Dempsey
  • 36-112 Kimberly DeSocio
  • 36-113 Retired in memory of Harold Glass
  • 36-114 F. Michael Hoffman
  • 36-115 Scott Danielson
  • 36-116 John Barton
  • 36-117 Justin Worden

FOIL requests: Send email to with the following information: 

  1. Contact information for requester.
  2. Date, time, location and type of incident.