Hazardous Materials Response Team

Orange County Hazardous Materials circular sealHazardous Materials Response Team

Deputy Coordinator Wayne Melton, 36-10

The Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Response Team is a volunteer agency made up of personnel from the fire service as well as industry. The HAZMAT Team was established in 1981 as mandated under Sections 204f and 209y of the New York State General Municipal Law. Upon request of a Fire Chief, the HAZMAT Team will respond to the scene of a Hazardous Materials Incident and assist the local fire department in mitigating the incident.

All members of the Hazardous Materials Response Team must be specially trained to operate at HAZMAT incidents and are certified at the Hazardous Material Operations, Technician, Advanced Technician or Specialist Level before joining the team. At a hazardous materials incident, team members operate as a sector of the local fire department under a Unified Incident Command Structure.

Team Members

Assistant Chief of Operations

  • Pat Campbell

Duty Officers

  • Bob Begin
  • Joe Cruz
  • Mike Kenny
  • Paul Pullar


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