Orange County is dedicated to recycling. Local Law #2 of 1989 mandates recycling in the County by municipalities, businesses and residents. The County operates three transfer stations where recycling is free to residents at Citizen Drop Off Areas. Solid waste haulers, municipalities and businesses pay a fee for recycling. Orange County transfer stations do not accept loads of recyclables mixed with solid waste. The County monitors loads as they are tipped and works with the solid waste haulers, municipalities, and businesses that use our transfer station facilities to educate them about County recycling policies.

There is a general misconception that recyclables are being landfilled instead of being sent to materials recovery facilities. This is not the case for recyclables received at Orange County Transfer Stations.  Perhaps some haulers doing business in the county have opted not to accept certain commodities, such as glass, in curbside collection however the County is still accepting glass along with all of the other traditional recyclables commodities at its transfer stations. Single Stream Recyclables, of which glass is currently accepted in at our transfer stations go to a vendor who in turn brings it to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to be sorted and baled into separate commodities.

The County has separate recycling vendors for paper and cardboard as well as scrap metal. Resident recycling areas, located at our transfer stations, have dual stream recycling areas and we also accept car batteries, used motor oil and antifreeze. All these items are recycled, however, please check with your local municipality or privately contracted hauler to inquire if it accepts all materials that the County sends for recycling. For reference, please see the link at the bottom of this is page for more information on what is and what is not accepted at County transfer stations.

Reports of Contamination & Split Body Trucks

In recent months, there have also been many reports of haulers contaminating loads of recyclables collected curbside.  The County is monitoring each report carefully and in touch with haulers to ensure maximum compliance to the law.  In the meantime, please be aware that many commercial haulers have split body trucks which can collect both single stream recyclables and municipal solid waste.   For more information on what a split body truck may look like, please see this video. To report a case of load contamination by haulers, please call (845) 291-3246, or download the Recycle Coach app and click on the "Help" button.

Recycle "Right"

In addition, the County is partnering with the NYS Center for Sustainable Materials Management in the launch of the Recycle Right NY campaign to address confusion about recycling.  See the tab on the left for a press release and FAQ which include more information on what is Recycle Right NY and how you can help improve recycling statewide right here at home.

While improving our recycling, we also have to begin to think critically about the waste we produce.  For more info on Waste Prevention, Reuse, and, Repair, please visit this page and also visit our Recycle Coach page for how to use our new app!

Documents About Recycling