Orange County Sewer District Number 1

For emergency sewer backups in Orange County Sewer District Number 1, call 845-421-5906 or 845-551-4610.  

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Sewer Invoices

Credit and Debit card payments for January 2023 sewer invoices will ONLY be accepted online via Allpaid at using the Pay Location Code (PLC): a004cg.  There is a 2.5% service fee per transaction.  Please enter your account number exactly as it appears on your invoice making sure to include all dots and dashes.

Walk-In payment hours are Wednesday 8:15 AM to 12 noon or call for an appointment, at 72 River Road, Harriman, NY 10926.

Credit and Debit card payments for 2023 will be accepted starting January3, 2023.

Click Here to pay your sewer invoice online.    

Check or money order payments should be mailed to OCSD #1, PO Box 956, Harriman NY 10926.  Please write your account number on your form of payment exactly as it appears on your invoice making sure to include all dots and dashes. 

If you are closing on your property in the next 30 days, the fastest way to pay your invoice and have proof of payment is with the credit card option.

For all sewer billing questions, email:

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Mercury Minimization

The OCSD#1 Harriman wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) State Pollution Discharge and Elimination (SPDES) permit requires the WWTP to implement a mercury minimization plan to reduce to the extent possible the mercury concentration in the WWTP outfall to the Ramapo River.  

Mercury is a bioaccumulative pollutant, which means it can concentrate and build up in the food chain over time. Fish are especially prone to mercury accumulation, putting humans who consume them at risk. As of March 2015, there is a statewide advisory to limit fish consumption due to mercury contamination, as well as more restrictive advice for many specific waterbodies.

Residential users of the Harriman sewer system can help reduce the mercury concentration in the WWTP effluent by avoiding disposal of mercury or mercury containing materials down the drain and into the sanitary sewer collection system. Lists of consumer products containing mercury are available at the USEPA website

Mercury is used, usually in very small amounts, as a preservative or antibacterial agent in a number of over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical products. These include: antibiotics; blood pressure cuffs; contact lens solution; dental amalgam; diuretics; ear and eye drops; eye ointment; hemorrhoid relief ointment; Mercurochrome; nasal spray; and, older thermometers.

Cleanup of mercury spills should NOT be discarded down the drain.  New York State Department of Health guidelines for cleanup of mercury spills can be found HERE.

Click the links below for additional information from the New York State Department of Health regarding mercury:


        Mercury Exposure and You


Whether you have a private sewage disposal system (septic tank) or you are connected to Orange County Municipal Sewer System, each has the same thing in common: they are designed to treat domestic waste only, human waste, and toilet paper.

This means NO paper towels, disposable wipes, antiseptic wipes, feminine products, petroleum products, paints, paint thinners, industrial cleaners, grease, pesticides, etc. are to be flushed down the toilet.

During the Covid19 State of emergency, as declared by the NY Governor and Orange County Executive, there is a high demand for toilet paper and if not available, paper towels, cleaning wipes, etc.

Despite this crisis it does NOT change the plumbing’s ability to handle non-conforming wastes.  If you are using additional amounts of paper towels and disposable wipes that’s a very good thing to stop the spread.  However, it is equally important to dispose of them properly, in the garbage.

On top of this crisis no one needs the additional headaches of a backed-up plumbing system.

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