Community Health Outreach


The Community Health Outreach (CHO) Division provides outreach, information and referral to individuals who are at high risk of contracting chronic or communicable disease, or who require medical management for acute or chronic health problems. The following resources give more detailed information:

Healthy Cities and Counties Challenge

The Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge (HCCC or the Challenge) is a partnership between the Aetna Foundation, the National Association of Counties, the American Public Health Association and Healthy Places by Design. In July 2020, the Challenge – a two-year, $2 million initiative – launched by welcoming 10 city and 10 county teams that are working across sectors to advance health equity and reduce disparities in chronic disease. The Challenge provides each community with flexible funds to implement their projects as well as intense technical assistance, monthly one-on-one coaching and access to a robust Peer Learning Network. Information on the County's Community Snapshot can be found here.

Healthy Orange Goes Green

Orange County Department of Health was awarded a Climate and Health Adaptation Award from the New York Association of County Healthy Officials (NYSACHO) and the New York State Department of Health.  These awards were awarded to 10 local health departments throughout New York State to support climate related health adaptation initiatives.

Healthy Orange Goes Green will partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and OC Recycling to increase awareness about growing plants and food, and reducing waste through recycling and composting. The initiative will host three events for the community in July 2023 to grow seeds and plant tomato plants. Participants will learn about ways to reduce food waste and landfill use. Orange County Recycling Coordinator and Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener presented to Department of Health staff on how to compost at home and other activities going on in the County to support the climate. The initiative will also support community sites by providing rainwater collection barrels to use in gardens and composters to recycle waste into healthy soil. This project will help bring more awareness to simple ways we can help our climate and work together to create a healthier Orange County.

Staff from Headstart in Newburgh and Community Health Outreach Staff from Headstart in Newburgh and Community Health Outreach are pictured with a rainwater barrel and gardening kit donated to Headstart through funding from the Healthy Orange Goes Green initiative and Creating Healthy Schools and Communities program