Perinatal Infant Community Health Collaborative


The Perinatal Infant Community Health Collaborative (PICHC) works to improve maternal and infant health outcomes in the cities of Newburgh, Middletown and Port Jervis. 

  • This is accomplished by interventions aimed at the individual level through needs assessment, case coordination and referral, and by interventions aimed at the community, environment, and policy levels through community mobilization, promotion of conditions and opportunities that will promote healthy behaviors, and adoption of health promoting policy by organizations, communities, and government. High need women and their infants are eligible to receive home visits, risk assessment, and developmental assessment. Organizations providing services to high need women, and women themselves, are encouraged and supported to become involved in identifying forces in their communities that contribute to behaviors that negatively impact health. Continued community involvement to identify, design, and promote strategies to improve the overall health of women throughout the life course, including pre-conception and inter-conception, is a primary goal of the initiative.

Additional Information

For additional information on the PICHC Program, call:

Newburgh Office: 845-360-6686

Middletown Office: 845-346-1130

Port Jervis Office: 845-858-1407