Long Range Transportation Plan

The Orange County Transportation Council (OCTC) is required by federal transportation regulations to update its long range plan at least every four years. The OCTC plan was recently updated and adopted on November 17, 2015. The plan inventories transportation systems in the county, describes travel patterns, discusses transportation issues, outlines agency planning and funding outlooks (especially for Federal funding), and states OCTC goals, objectives and recommendations.

As part of this process, OCTC also must prepare a transportation / air quality conformity determination regarding fine particulate matter (PM2.5). This analyzes the potential impacts on air quality of transportation projects in the plan, as well as the OCTC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The conformity process is required by the Clean Air Act and Environmental Protection Agency regulations to show that transportation projects in both the plan and TIP will not cause new air quality violations, worsen existing conditions, or delay timely attainment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards in accordance NYS Implementation Plan to improve air quality and EPA regulations.

The approved OCTC Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) has been recently formatted for publication to include updated pictures, captions, graphs, charts and an overall improved look. The draft publication layout was presented and described at the OCTC Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd, at which time it was agreed the draft layout should be posted on the OCTC website for members and the public to review. Any comments or suggestions on the layout or graphics can be submitted by email or directly at the upcoming April 19th OCTC Technical Committee meeting (which will close the comment period). Please note that only the graphic layout of the plan document is being reviewed at this time; the text content of the plan was approved in November 2015 (so any comments received regarding the substance of the plan would be directed toward a future plan update). Also posted is the plan document as it appeared at the time of adoption in November 2015, and the final PM2.5 Conformity Determination.

Questions and comments may be directed to Ashlee Long, Planner.