Youth Action Program / Reality Check

Youth Empowerment Program Against Tobacco Use Program

The Youth Empowerment Program Against Tobacco Use program, known as “Reality Check,” is a youth led movement (ages 13-18) that is committed to exposing the manipulative and deceptive marketing practices of the tobacco industry.

Reality Check

Reality Check initiatives include:

  • Changing social norms by de-normalizing and de-glamorizing tobacco, tobacco use, and the tobacco industry.
  • Increasing the number of stores that limit or eliminate tobacco advertising and promotion at the point-of-sale.
  • Increasing the number of community events and organizations that refuse tobacco company goods, services, and financial support.
  • Increasing the number of movies rated G, PG, and PG-13 that do not include smoking and tobacco use imagery.
  • Increasing the number of periodicals that eliminate tobacco advertisements.
  • Promoting policy change to discourage tobacco use at the local and state level.
  • Increasing the number of smoke-free areas in Orange County.

The County Health Department is a subcontractor of the Cancer Care Network Inc. to carry out the objectives of the Reality Check program.